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featuring Makode Linde

Painful Cake 1/2

aka "Racist Cake", "Racist Misogynist cake" or "Afromantics". Performance by Makode Linde at Moderna Muséet, Stockholm.

Painful Cake 2/2

Another clip of the infamous cake

Zhala - Slippin Around (2012)

Official Video by Makode Linde

Zhala - Slippin Around

Aerea Negrot Mix

Video edit by Moneymake Pagoda

Zhala - Slippin Around

Kornél and Nico Mix

Video edit by Moneymake Pagoda

Velvet: Waist

Short video on waist-theme. Produced for and aired on SVT2 fashion show Velvet 2008. Recorded in SF, CA. Music and Video by Makode

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